Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Birthday Miracle, General Conference

I can't believe I've been here for two weeks! And what I mean by that is I can't believe I've only been here for two weeks!!!! I am not jealous of the muggles who left this week though....there's no way I could be ready to go! Every day I somehow feel more prepared and less prepared at the same time because the more I learn the more I realize that i don't know anything!!! okay well i'm struggling with how to organize this so i'm just going to go day by day. but first happy late birthday mom!!! i was so stressed and hurried last week that i forgot to say happy birthday to my own mother! i am a despicable human being (tangled quote). also happy late birthday to justin!!! april babies are smarter. it's a fact. anyways okay here we go:

Thursday was my birthday!!! I'm going to start off and say that I loved my birthday. You might not believe me here in a little but but trust me, it's true. So basically I had a fever all day and felt like my brain was simultaneously melting and exploding ALL day. I'm not sure if it was a sinus infection or the flu because it felt kind of like a combo but all i knew was i felt that death was upon me but it's okay because death was one of my russian words for the day so i got to practice it a lot. Anyways so we have this small fan in our classroom and my companion put it on her desk and had it blowing right in my face all day, which helped a lot, and everyone was double nice to me because it was my birthday and i was sick. As sister willerth said, "if you're gonna be sick, at least it's on your birthday so your day isn't completely terrible!" that was a great attitude. so anyways i'm not really getting anything out of class, i just feel like i'm struggling to exist and elder hildebrandt (my favorite) says "you know, if you ever need it we can give you a blessing" and i was like "you sir, are a genius" so i got one of the sweetest blessings of my life. our four 18 year old elders gave me a blessing and it was so adorable because none of them had ever done it without their dads and they had to read it over in the handbook like 100 times to make sure they got the words right. it was so humble and made me so glad for worthy priesthood holders! these kids are only 1 year older than sarah (weird!) but their power is real. my fever broke that night and i woke up feeling 10.4 billion times better (those are the exact words i used when i woke up...i was still under the effects of nyquil i think). so that was my birthday.

Friday was a great day. I studied about charity and was really inspired to be better. I'm especially trying to have charity for our two new investigators Natasha and Anatoli (more on them later). We talked in class about how the investigators will believe what you believe and if we can picture a better future for them, they will be able to as well. Part of that is seeing them as Heavenly Father sees them. So i'm working on that. Also on friday we got our second teacher!!! so the first day they make a big deal about how the mtc is all about being self taught and the teachers are just here to help you teach yourself, well we took that literally and thought it was normal to have only one teacher for 2 hours a day. turns out every other district has 3 teachers!!!! hahaha so things are a bit crazy up in the russian building, there's usually 80 russian learners in the mtc at a time but right now there's 110 and in the next month there will be 200! slytherin is about to take over. anyways so they're short on teachers but we got our second one and she is awesome! she's from russia and joined the church when she was 14. i think she went to ben's mission? she said it was i'll ask her if she knows him, i'm pretty sure she got back recently. Anyways we are really trying to get our two teachers together and on friday we looked out the window and saw them talking to each other on the street corner just past our jail fence!!! we took stalker pictures for proof! now i understand that in real life people can talk to each other just as normal human beings and it doesn't mean that they're going to get married and have 14 beautiful russian speaking babies....but when there's no drama girls will imagine drama and that is just a fact of life. i'll keep you guys updated on this situation.

Saturday was conference!!!! it was so good!!!! i've never gained so much personal applicable knowledge before! i wrote down 3 questions and they were all answered multiple times in the first session! woah. I wanted to know what our investigators needed to hear and they each had a talk that i felt like was exactly for them! then i was wondering what can i do for my family while i'm gone, and two talks talked about how Heavenly Father is looking out for your family, you don't need to worry about it! i'm not sure if anyone even actually said that or i just heard it. and Jeffrey R. Holland's talk about just believing is enough was exactly what i needed to hear! sometimes i get frustrated that my testimony isn't a perfect knowledge, but we all have to walk by faith in this life. it's a relief to know i'm not the only one.

Sunday was even more conference! and then we got to walk to the temple and have ice cream at lunch and dinner so pretty much best day ever. so in conference there were two obedience talks in a row and if that wasn't a sign to me i don't know what is! not that i'm disobedient or anything, i think it was just a good reminder why obedience is so important and just a good idea. the talk by elder clayton about marriage was kinda funny because i turned to my companions and said that we should pretend he's talking about mission companions instead. it was all pretty applicable except when he talked about retiring to bed together hahaha. I loved Elder Christofferson's talk about redemption,..definitely want to read that one again! can you dear elder it to me? oh and sunday night we had a fireside with vocal point which is just straight up unfair for us poor sisters. let's just say that being surrounded by 18 year old babies and then having 10 full grown attractive men come sing your favorite hymns acapella is not exactly fair. all of us sisters were struggling to keep it together. it was pretty great.

Monday we taught Natasha for the first time and it was definitely different. Katya was so open and interested but Natasha we're gonna have to work a little bit to open her up. We got nervous and accidentally forgot to ask our get to know you questions so that didn't help at all. we're definitely going to do that first thing tomorrow! she kept asking why we need to book of mormon when we have a bible so we're gonna have to go over that next time. Thinking on your feet is hard in english...try it in russian! mondays we have service and this week the troika had the honor of cleaning the was actually pretty fun. sister rohrbaugh had the back pack vacuum (loving called the back packuum) and i got to mop and sister willerth dried....i don't know how anyone but a troika could accomplish this great feat! anyways we had 8 flights of stairs to do and nothing to entertain ourselves with so naturally we started to remix some of our favorite hymns. don't worry mom we didn't do any sacred ones. okay that sounds bad but you know what i mean. our fan favorite right now is "come come ye stairs" with a close second of "as troikas in zion." our pre-order is already on itunes, for 24.99 you can get a three disc set with a digital download of our first single "army of slytherin" and a pdf of the album art. full album drops may 28th.

tuesday which by some time lord magic was only yesterday was probably the longest day ever! i don't even know why. our lesson with anatoli went really well! we asked him several deep questions about what he believes in and how he thinks we can help improve his life (if we didn't ask him he'd probably ask us so it's better just to make him talk) even though we had no idea what he was saying we could tell he was kind of thinking about it for the first time. then we just bore simple testimony that God lives and loves him. We asked anatoli to pray if our message was true and he's like "i already believe it's true." and we're like what? okay! you want to take this book? we don't have time to talk about it but we'd like to come back. and he's like yeah come back any time! i don't have a job! so pretty much he's our best friend now. our teacher told us if we'd didn't fall in love with anatoli on the first day we were doing something wrong so apparently we're doing it right because anatoli is the best!!! we also had a great devotional from gerald lund about receiving personal revelation and distinguishing between the spirit and our own thoughts it was way good.

okay and today is wednesday! today we have scheduled in a two hour is written in our planners so we have to do it! i literally cannot wait. okay i got dear elders from you, dad, sister russell, emma, paul, heidi, aunt cheryl, paul, steph, adam and stevie, sars, jackie, aubrey sperry, and aunt karen. THANK YOU!!!! I will try to write back as soon as i can! I also got packages from aunt karen, aunt cindy, and sister eyre...thank you!!!!!!! everyone thinks i get so much mail but i try to explain that it's just because of my birthday and i turned off my facebook wall! but seriously thank you guys i feel so loved! thanks for prayers and love, i can feel it from here! 

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