Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Richard G. Scott, Mary Ellen Edmunds

yes i got the package!!!! thank you thank you thank you! we figured the treats are like a mix between take 5 (minus the pretzel) and pay day. way good! thank you! the dress is great, i wore it yesterday. thank you to jason for the dear elder and grandma and grandpa for the nice card! mail is like christmas here. oh speaking of christmas, it has been snowing this week....WHAT?!?!?! every time we do SYL (speak your language) it snows! i guess mother nature is justing trying to put us in the russian mood or something but it's super annoying. good thing we live in our classroom and not outside. yesterday morning it was so foggy we couldn't even see the mountains and it felt like home! sister willerth and i were so excited! (Sister Willerth also grew up in Chicago.)

just fyi we wake up at like 5 am on wednesdays to do laundry so i'm gonna be checking email way early on wednesdays. okay anyways this has been a crazy long week! i figure i'll just give you the run down of a typical day because that's what i wondered the most about the mtc. we get up at 6:30, get ready and have breakfast at 7:10 then have an hour of language study, then class with brother okoren until lunch. after lunch we have gym (aka stretching) for 30 minutes and then comes our favorite part of the day....we have 45 minutes to get ready to go back to class. those 45 minutes are precious fun time that i don't think anyone else has used to their full potential before. maybe we should be using that time to learn new russian words or something, but i'm a firm believer in the 'study break.' we even study during stretching! come on! so yeah we look forward to those 45 minutes of happy fun time every day. except p day and sunday. anyways, then we go back to the classroom for personal study and companion study, then have dinner, then sister vasilevskaya teaches us until 9:00 which is planning. so basically the description of "eat, study, eat, study, eat, study study study sleep" is 100% accurate. we consider 'home' to be our classroom, not the room we sleep in. good thing we love our teachers and our district because we are with them 24/7!!! also the schedule is a little bit different every day because gym time rotates throughout the day. sometimes it's right after breakfast so we're stretching zombies, sometimes it's in the middle of the afternoon which is best because it breaks up the day really well. someday i'll send you a picture of our's crazy.

okay so the major highlight of this week was Richard G. Scott coming last night! and I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!!!! they never tell us who the speaker is going to be because they want everyone to be excited and every week someone starts the rumor that it's an apostle but this week it was for reals. during choir we always watch the people setting up and doing sound check and i noticed this week  that they were checking for bombs under the chairs. also the guys checking the tele-prompter things were squatting so they could see it from the speaker's angle and i thought to myself...hmm who is a shorty apostle? i know...MY BUDDY RICHARD G SCOTT! i remember when he came to bg2 and talked to all of us in the eyre's family room. it was so cool! i mostly remember thinking he was funny and adorable and short. also he told me my smile makes him feel good inside so there's that. anyways, his talk was amazing. he talked about prayer and how it is such a great blessing, and we need to take the time to talk to our Heavenly Father and tell him how we're doing and feeling. definitely a good reminder for missionaries who are always asking people to pray, we need to sincerely pray ourselves! he also talked about answers to prayers and if we don't receive an answer to a prayer right away we should just exercise faith by keeping commandments and following truth. he said we should be grateful if the Lord doesn't answer right away because that means He trusts us. Wow I had never thought about it like that! That was a big testimony builder for me because when I was praying to know if i should come on a mission i never really felt like I got an answer. i definitely didn't get a no, so i figured that mean Heavenly Father didn't care either way and I could choose. but every day that i spend here I know that I am meant to be here. (ps elder boyce from australia always says meant to instead of supposed to so i'm adopting that phrase). Elder Scott also said that the Lord will fit the work to my capacities and that I will never be asked to do something I cannot do. I had always thought about fitting myself to whatever the Lord requires of me, but it interesting to think of it the other way around. Towards the end Elder Scott said he felt impressed to give us an Apostolic Blessing that the burden of learning a new language will be lifted so that we can master the languages we are learning in order to become more effective servants of the Lord. i couldn't stop myself from doing a tiny fist pump when he said that! every single foreign language learner here was so so grateful for that blessing! the coolest part though was after the closing song, Elder Scott hopped up again and said he felt inspired to say a little more. He told us for probably the 10th time that each one of our calls is inspired and the that Lord will not abandon us. He also said that this mission is an opportunity to learn things about myself that I never knew I could do. So in summary.....THE GREATEST TALK A MISSIONARY COULD ASK FOR.

also on sunday morning for relief society we had mary ellen edmunds come and talk about her missions! so our two famous guest speakers this week are like the only 2 famous people i have ever met! anyways she was so hilarious! it was so long ago now but my favorite part was she said "DON'T TOUCH THE ELDERS!!!! but remember the ones you do want to touch. make a list and then come home, get in shape and go to those mission reunions!" hahahahahahahah we were laughing for like 10 straight minutes in the middle of relief society (it is all the sisters in the mtc...we take up the entire gym.) oh btw our teacher said we were the first district EVER to have 7 sisters in it which i thought was sooooo cool and then i talked to an elder going to to the baltics whose district is 9 sisters and him. poor guy! Sister Edmunds also made a comment that really struck me which was, the holy ghost knows everyone who we are going to teach. we might not know anything about them, but the holy ghost knows all. that is why we need the spirit so badly when we teach, because the spirit knows what will touch their hearts and we do not. 

oh the operation to get our teachers married is offically off because sister vasilevskya has a boyfriend! lame!!!!! i mean we're happy for her, she's so cute and sweet but our life just got a whole lot more boring. before we knew about the boyfriend brother okoren started reciting this russian love poem and then they just said the whole thing to each other and we were dying!!!! even the elders are giggly about's so funny. but now it's over and life is boring again. why was he reciting a love poem? no one knows. for some reason in one of our books they have a bunch of love poems because they want us to learn the culture and those are their most famous poems or something but it's really weird. 

oh the other huge news of the week is there's a 95% chance that we'll be moving to raintree apartments!!! say what?! we will live there and have class there and they will bring food to us in a 'modular food transport' AKA we'll be eating in the back of a trailer. it's gonna be crazy. but it would be so cool just to say we did it! they said it will happen sometime in may so we're hoping it's just our last week. i'm hoping they just give us lunchables for every meal. all the elders care about is how they're gonna do gym! they live for gym and we live for the 45 minutes after gym hahaha. all i cared about is if we're gonna have to walk to get to devotional and the answer on that so we'll see. 

next time you send a package can you include my slytherin shirt please??? we take this slytherin stuff seriously....except we're the mudbloods because we're going to ukraine and the ukrainian speakers are squibs because they know about russian but can't speak it hahahaha

okay i have to go, i'm gonna send some pictures. i love you and miss you!!!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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