Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last MTC Post!

Got my Russian nametags!

District t-shirts
Sick Sunday

okay okay i don't even know where to start this week. once again we're just gonna take it day by day, i hear that's a good strategy. tuesday we had a devotional and sang come thou fount which is like the mother of all jackpots in the mtc. seriously sister willerth and i have a game where we go into the bathroom when the showers are full and start humming come thou fount and we see how long it takes for everyone to join's never longer than a verse. so funny. anyways, Russell M. Nelson came and spoke!!! i don't have that journal with me and a week ago seems like a thousand years but of course i remember that it was amazing. the only problem was it was like 100 degrees in that room and i had a fever (dad and i are on the same page apparently) so it was a little rough. but still good.

wednesday i felt a lot better and it was such a fun day. the elders all were hosting (welcoming the mtc babies) so we had an all girls class with brother okoren which was so fun. he clearly loves us the most because he was in such a good mood. he just told awesome and sometimes scary mission stories which were great (he went to the baltics mission, didn't the stucki kid go there? idk)
thursday we wore the brother okoren shirts (will definitely send pictures) and it was the greatest day ever! brother okoren ran in late and was like "i have to go get some stuff, you guys just sing and pray and i'll be right in" we all look at each other as soon as he leaves and yell "it's time!!!" we all hurry and throw on the shirts and try to sing a hymn but we're too excited so he comes in and is so shocked he yells "duh lat na (whatever!?)" and walks out! he comes back in 2 minutes later just laughing so hard, someone has a video of the reaction somewhere....anyways, this was all thanks to adam! we got an extra one and all signed it and gave it to him. now we all wear them around the mtc and everyone loves them. even though no one gets the inside joke, it's still great. anyways, we thought for sure that would be the highlight of the day, but then that afternoon someone brought us our russian name tags!!!! they are so cool but we're not allowed to wear them until we leave! rough stuff. elder hildebrandt was so excited he ran up and hugged the poor man. but that's not all! we also got our flight plans!!!! we leave SLC at 7:50 and fly to DC where we have a 2 hour layover. i'll call you in DC, we land at 2:00 (is that eastern time? i think so) so i'll probs call around 2:30. we have 3 hours in DC and then fly to Munich (hallo to the motherland!) we have 4 hours there i think and then we fly to Donetsk!!! So crazy! There will be like 50 missionaries on our flight to DC so no way that plane's going down! then there's 10 sisters who are all going to Donetsk, so awesome! it's crazy!
friday we taught ludmila, a new investigator who we had to contact on the street. we were the only companionship who actually got an appointment with her, so everyone else had to re-contact her but we had to do an actual lesson! this was actually my fault because i asked if we could talk with her again, and the word for tomorrow is much easier than any of the days of the week, so i asked if we could meet tomorrow! she said yes, so then we actually had to teach her the next day! i didn't think that was a thing! we had to teach a 40 minute lesson which i actually found easier than a 20 minute one because we can really ask a lot of good questions. we taught her to pray and got her to pray at the end of the lesson but she asked a really good question. she asked why we close in the name of Jesus Christ and I tried to say that everything we do, we do in the name of Christ but she wasn't really getting it so we asked her if we could answer it in our next lesson. then afterwards our teacher told us that there is no next lesson! we were so mad because we really wanted to answer it! it's crazy that you can get attached to someone after one lesson!

 brother okoren taught us a new method of personal study. we read 1 Nephi 1 three times. first we just did a super simple summary 2-4 bullet points. then we read again and pulled out every point of doctrine we could find. then we read again looking deeper, looking for cross references, etc. this definitely made a big difference and i got so much new stuff out of a chapter i have read so many times. i'm for sure doing this from now on, i'd definitely recommend trying it.
sunday sister rohrbaugh and i stayed home all day under strict instruction from elder boyce. i had a cold, nausea and fevers for about 10 days by then so a day of sleep is definitely what i needed. we both slept until 1 in the afternoon and it made me feel so at home! we pushed our bunk beds together and made a fort/sick tent. it was pretty great. we only left the room to go to dinner (getting dressed in real clothes was a struggle) and then we went right back to bed. well it worked because i'm all better.

alright, i think that's everything from this week! i can't wait to talk to you on the phone a week from today! tell sarah good luck on her test! one of these weeks she's gonna email me and it will be great. also is abby still alive? that would be nice to know. i won't get to email you again from america...what!? okay it's okay we're okay no one's freaking out what are you talking about it's okay i'm okay i know russian hahah funny joke okay okay okay bye.

yesterday we got to go on a field trip! sister willerth made me and sister rohrbaugh go to the health center even though i felt 100% better! the doctor said it was probably just a virus and it shouldn't come back but he wrote me a prescription for claritin to clear out my sinuses and keep me healthy while we travel. so we got to walk to the byu health center to pick up the prescription! it was so weird walking around in the real world! we're like "hey we look like real missionaries! wait, are we real missionaries? we're not ready for this!" haha next week will be interesting that's for sure!

-i saw connor noe in the gym the other day. it was way funny because i saw him lifting weights with a couple of elders and they were all flexing their muscles trying to look cool and i just walked over "excuse me elder, are you a noe?" (we take off our name tags for gym) and he was like uhhh yeah, and i told him i'm a schrecengost. it was funny because we know each other's families kinda but i don't think we've ever talked. i didn't even know he was coming but it was good to see a somewhat familiar face. he said to say hi to you all. 

-sister rohrbaugh knows paul! we figured this out the first week but i forget every week to tell you! i don't have paul's email so you can just pass this along. nichole rohrbaugh was in his king henry ward. she was only there for a semester so she didn't get to know the ward super well but she thinks he was in her fhe group. 
-also sister rohrbaugh's dad went to madrid on his mission about the same time as dad! except he didn't serve a sister mission so it wasn't exactly the same time. idk maybe they knew each other.
-oh just a funny story i forgot to tell. so sister rohrbaugh is deathly afraid of's a major problem. for some reason birds love the mtc...i've never seen so many in my life! anyways, she legit screams every time she sees one and freaks out so i'm her official protector and i run and hiss and sometimes yell at birds to get them to fly away. i realized that this wasn't very missionary like when i started to do it outside of the mtc on our 'field-trip' so i'm gonna have to figure out a more discreet way to scare away the birds.

-also we were doing service cleaning the stairs and sister willerth slipped (don't wear TOMS while mopping) and the bucket of nasty dirty water flew over her head and flipped over and the water poured down all 4 flights of stairs! it was pretty hilarious and sadly not surprising...just another day in the life of the troika.
-also we found out this week that the word porba means struggle, so we always say Porba, Rohrbaugh! it's pretty great.

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