Monday, August 19, 2013

Abandoned Orphans

I'm so happy you went out with the sisters this week! We love love love it when members come out with us. You should get Sarah to go with them sometime, it would be good for her. That is so crazy about the Philippines! I'm so glad we don't really have natural disasters to worry about here. Just freezing cold winters haha. Oh I'm probably going winter shopping this week so I'll take the money out of my account today. I'm glad you had fun on your trip! Are you finally done running around for the summer? When does Sarah start school?

Wow so this was a week that happened. On Wednesday we found out that the new missionaries who were supposed to be coming in next week (including Tyler Saunders) were delayed 2-4 weeks and so our transfer is being extended until they come. That doesn't really change anything except for the fact that Sister Erekson still goes home at the same time which means I will technically be training in my 2nd transfer!!!!! I'm not sure if that's even legal. We dropped off Sister Erekson at the train station this morning and it was the saddest moment of my life. Sister Campbell and I feel like abandoned orphans. It's okay though, we've already made plans to buy lots of ice cream this week so we can eat away our sorrows.

This week we had specialized training on friday which basically means president and sister lochhead come and teach us a billion ways to be better missionaries because they're so dang smart and sister lochhead cooks us real Mom food and it is amazing. Anyways, Sister Campbell asked president "is it really gonna be just me and sister shrek? really?" and President looks at her and says "for reals." hahaha it was awesome. I had an interview with President and first thing he asked me was how long i've been here and I told him almost 12 weeks and he just shook his head and said "I am so sorry." hahaha that made me feel real good. But I was just smiling and keeping a positive attitude and he told me "I'm going to write about you in my journal tonight if that's alright. Here we are asking you to do so much and you're still sitting here with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face." Little did he know it was a tear, not a twinkle in my eye! It'll all be okay though. Now I know why we had such a miracle last week, it was to get me through these next few weeks! Luckily Sister Campbell and I get along really well and can make each other laugh so we'll get through this by laughing rather than crying.
Oh I can't believe I forgot to tell you what happened last week during church! Obviously it was a big week because I forgot to tell you about the building that EXPLODED during relief society! It was the craziest thing...there was this huge BOOM and the walls rippled and I thought the glass windows were going to shatter but they didn't. Sister Campbell and I both thought it was a bomb and were so scared but everyone in Relief Society just completely ignored it and kept going with the lesson! it was so weird. anyways we found out after church was over that three stories in the middle of this huge apartment building just collapsed. somehow the stories above it stayed in tact which does not make logical sense to me, but whatever it's ukraine. apparently it was some sort of 'gas explosion' but the road has been closed off all week and there's always big crowds of people just staring at it. we know a guy who lives in that building and he said his inital thought was "well, this is it. this is the end." haha welcome to ukraine i guess.
Since this was Sister Erekson's last week we spent all week trying to accomplish some goals that she had set to do before the end of her mission, namely to catch a pigeon. There are pigeons EVERYWHERE in ukraine and they are huge and ugly, the only problem is that they are sacred for some unknown reason to the people here, so we can only try to catch them when there's no people around which is pretty much never during the summer. We spent the vast majority of last Pday trying to catch one, well Sister Erekson tried to catch one and Sister Campbell and I took pictures and laughed at her. It turns out she is far too nice to catch a pigeon because she was afraid of hurting them, so we never accomplished her goal. Who would have thought that we could get a baptism easier than we could catch a pigeon in ukriane?
So Nadia is doing AWESOME. She was actually Sister Erekson's last companion, because they rode the train to Donetsk together this morning, because Nadia's going to Donetsk to get her Patriarchal Blessing today!!! Her sister got hers last week and she heard about it and decided that she needs to get one ASAP. Since we don't have a stake here, there's a traveling patriarch that comes once in a very long while (some members have been waiting over 10 years to get one) so Nadia is so so blessed to be able to get her blessing literally 9 days after her baptism! The Lord is definitely blessing us out here in Lugansk this month.
Sister Campbell
Okay well that's it for this week, sorry it's a shorter letter this week, we've mostly just been helping Sister Erekson get ready to go. We made her a list of movies and music to catch up on and even put them in order so that she can be eased back into society haha. I told her that you would probably add her on facebook this week and she said that's totally fine haha her name is Amberlea Erekson (it's deactivated right now but it will be back on in a few days). Okay well, I'm about to start the hardest week of my mission (so far!) so please pray for me! I pray for you every day! Be good and go do missionary work! 

Goodbye My Trainer

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