Saturday, August 3, 2013

Baptism, Dinner Appointment, Nauvoo Advice

Alright no pressure, this one is gonna be read at the bevan family reunion! I'll try to make it a good one. This week I had my first ever dinner appointment! That is dangerous stuff in Ukraine because you never know what you're gonna get. The good news is it was with Albina who speaks perfect English, so at least we knew what we were eating. We had this cold soup (I don't know what it's called) but it consists of basically potatoe salad floating in watered down sour cream...YUM. actually that was way more edible than the chicken she gave us which was covered in cabbage and baked apples. Then we had tea which I just hate but sister erekson says i have to get over because that's all people give you in the winter. Everytime I drink something hot (even hot chocolate) my stomach hurts and my head gets hot and I just really have a testimony of the word of drinks are not for the belly! Anyways, it's fine I'll get over it.
This week I also had McDonald's for the first time here! We were visiting a less-active named Candy from Sierre Leone, she's 21 and studying Economics here. She's so awesome, she just loves us. She said that she wants us to come over everyday haha. Well it was almost time for us to go but then she randomly left and said she would be right back. 10 minutes later she came back with 3 milkshakes and 3 large fries! Haha it was delicious, but then we were late because we had to stay and eat it all to be polite. So to make it home in time we RAN from the bus stop to our apartment which was probably like half a mile away which for some people is no big deal, but for me is pretty much the worst thing you could ask me to do. So we're sprinting with our stomachs full of Mcdonald's and it's UPHILL of course and as soon as we got inside I layed down flat on the floor and didn't move for a solid 10 minutes. I was pretty sure that I was dying. It was pretty terrible. Sister Erekson was like "Sister Shrek, we were only running for like 3 minutes!" And i just gave her this look like, don't even talk to me right now. Haha I always tell her that Satan invented running to make us suffer and she gets really mad. She loves running, which kind of scares me because I'm pretty sure that anyone who loves running has something wrong in their brain (no offense to the running bevans. if you run to be healthy that's good, you should probably keep doing that. if you run because you think it's fun, you should probably seek some help).
The best part of this week was the double baptism!!!! The elders' investigators Galina and her husband Valeri were both bapitzed on Saturday! We got to go down to the river and it was so so awesome. While we were waiting for everyone to get there we sang some hymns and this crazy babushka Lubov was freaking out she was so excited. For some reason they love the hymn Far Far Away on Judea's Plains and sing it year round which is hilarious. I don't think they know it's a Christmas hymn, anyways we were singing that one and she was dancing around and clapping and it was the funniest thing I've ever sing. She is the loudest singer I've ever heard in my life and I don't think she's ever hit a correct note in her life, so it makes for a great combo. Oh right before we left for the baptism the elders informed us that we needed to teach the first lesson while Galina and Valeri were changing after they got baptized. So that was a fun surprise but it went fine, and then the 5 of us missionaries sang I Need Thee Every Hour and the members loved it. I think we all could have sung the same note for the whole song and they would have still loved it. Haha we actually have a really musical district though...Both of the Elders play the violin and sister campbell plays the cello! Too bad musical instruments aren't allowed in our mission, but orchestra kids usually make pretty decent singers too. It's funny we all bond over orchestra jokes like how everyone hates the violas and how the basses never know what's going's great.
Sister Campbell had a really funny experience on a bus the other night. This guy sits down by her and is looking at her name tag so she tries to talk with him. She pulled out her Book of Mormon and he says, no no in English, not russian. So she says "how do you know english" and he looks away really  quickly and it's kinda awkward. Then he leans over super fast and whispers in her ear "i'm a policeman" and then gets right off the bus. it was the funniest thing!!! Also the other day we accidentally set off the alarm in the church building and didn't know how to fix it so the cops came haha. It was really scary but right then sister erekson just pushed some random buttons and the alarm went off so the cops left without giving us any trouble. that was definitely a miracle.
Last night we had a member lesson with Lydia, who is the oldest babushka I think in existence. She is also the sweetest person ever. After we gave our lesson she asked if we could read some of her favorite verses about Jesus Christ. We said yes of course, so she went and found this really old notebook and read us a bunch of poems that she wrote! I didn't know what any of them were saying of course, but sister erekson said they were really good. It was so cool that she wanted to share those with us. The elders are always jealous of how much the members love us and trust us way more than them haha. I think we're just nicer. Also we get to hug all the babushki which helps a lot.
On Tuesday we had another lesson with Nadia, whose sister was baptized and she believes it's all true but she wants to KNOW the book of mormon is true, not just believe it. Anyways, we usually teach her with her sister, but she was out of town so we had a lesson just with nadia which i think was actually good. we promised her that if she took a step of faith and committed to the baptismal date of August 10th that the Lord would answer her prayer that the Book of Mormon is true (She is reading and praying every day to know that it is true). She was really surprised at how soon the date was and wasn't sure if she could do it, but we challenged her to kneel down right then with us and pray about it. As she was praying I felt the Spirit so strongly! I think she did too. She didn't give a firm yes, but she definitely didn't say no either. She said she will keep reading and praying every day and if she gets her answer then yes, she wants to be baptized. We are praying for her so hard to get that answer! I just hope she recognizes it when it comes. We've talked with her SO MUCH about how answers to prayer don't have to be this big huge thing, it can just be a good feeling. But almost every single member here has had a vision or a dream and that's why they know it's true, which means if you haven't had that experience people kinda judge you. It's pretty bad. Anyways, after our lesson was Youth Night which had a really bad turnout so we just hung out with Nadia the whole time which was good because we got to know her better and become even closer friends. I taught her how to play MASH which she thought was hilarious. We also played hangman and ping pong and Uno. I seriously don't get it...the people here are obssessed with Uno! Full grown adults will play it for over an hour and not get bored. That is messed up.

This week we got to do more registration but luckily it was here in Lugansk so no more 11 hour trains for us! Now I'm officially a legal temporary resident of ukraine, how about that?. i only had to sign my name like 3 times...easy peasy.
Oh also every here loves that I'm from Chicago. They always, without fail ask me if I'm in the Mafia of if I've ever seen anyone get shot hahahaha it's great. T-shirt of the week was a Cars shirt that said Lightning McDragon instead of McQueen. So you know, that's pretty close.
Alright that's all I've got for you this week. Have fun in Nauvoo! If you're doing the handcarts don't get lost like me and maddy and landon did and end up on the highway....also stay away from the blacksmith shop! it's hot and smells bad and just isn't worth it for a ring made out of a's just not worth it. That's all the advice i've got for you. Be good and take lots of pictures! Miss you and love you lots!!!!!

Baptism Day for Valeri and Galina

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