Monday, August 5, 2013

Chicken Hearts and Orphan Sweaters

I'm so glad that you had such a good time in Nauvoo! We've been having pretty cool weather here too. Today I had to wear a cardigan against my will (I want to save them for the winter so that I can trick myself into thinking I have more outfits). Oh man that family cheer is making me laugh so bad right now. I don't know how I could have helped that. The ending is great. I can't believe Sarah is getting her wisdom teeth out without me! You better record her, she is gonna be the funniest of us all.
So this week we went to see our new best friend Candy 3 times. She is 21 and from Africa and doesn't have any friends here so she loves us and wants us to be her best friends. She has a super solid testimony but doesn't like to come to church because she doesn't understand Russian so she doesn't get much out of it (I can relate). The first time we visited her she bought us pizza (which let me tell you is not the same here), and the second time she cooked african food for us! there were chicken legs and shishkabobs which were so spicy i thought i was going to die. later sister erekson told me that the meat on the shishkabobs was chicken heart, so i mean that's good. my lips were literally on fire for 2 hours afterwards but I'm alive. Luckily the third time we came over was on fast sunday so we had a pretty good excuse. She tried to leave and buy us mcdonald's but we wouldn't let her. Also she showed us the trailer to a movie she wrote and starred in called "Secret Murderer" hahaha it was hilarious.

Tuesday after Youth Night we were walking home with Sister Zoya the crazy lady who reminds me of what barbara probably was like 20 years ago, she is the bossiest person in the world, she just comes to youth night and takes over but it's okay because she's hilarious and so much fun. Anyways, we're walking home with Zoya she pulls us over to the side of the road (it's completely dark outside) and says "Listen to this" and she pulls out her phone and plays a recording of her nephew singing Phantom of the Opera in the circus, and the whole song he is holding himself up on a rope with one hand. hahaha most random thing i've heard in my whole life! she was so proud and singing along the whole time. Sister Zoya is in love with President Monson and always pretends that he is calling her. She pull our her phone and say in english: "oh hello? hi thomas s monson. oh you're coming soon? okay good! love you!" hahaha she always says that she's going to the temple to meet thomas s monson. we had a member lesson with her this week and she showed us a bunch of baby sweaters that she had knit to give to orphans and sister campbell said that she really liked them so Zoya gave her 2 to give to her neice! haha it's actually a thing here where you have to be careful of what you compliment because if it's small, people will just give it to you. Like if you compliment someone's watch, they'll probably just take it off and give it to you. Also during our lesson Zoya made us each eat 4 ears of corn on the cob and 1/4 of a watermelon. I thought I was going to explode but I'm still alive, don't worry.
Funny story this week there was a super old lady crossing the street and a younger guy following behind her. They were both yelling at each other and sister erekson was laughing at them so we made her tell us what was happening. The younger guy said "grandma, you can't cross now, it's red" and she said "do i look like I care if it's red?!?!?" hahaha the old people here just cross whenever they want to but the young people are super scared to cross when it's red, which i feel like is backwards from america.
Fun fact, the members here love to sing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" as an opening song which I find hilarious but they don't get why it's funny.

Health tip of the week: I had a headache last night (i'm fine now don't worry) so we had to cancel on Albina which she was totally fine with but she called back half an hour later and said told sister erekson to put a single leaf of cabbage on my forehead because that gets rid of headaches instantly. Now I can't promise that that works because we didn't try it, but there you go.
This week we helped teach Young Women's which was so much fun! Man I miss Young Women's. We talked about what we want our future families to be like and how they compare to our families right now. I honestly couldn't think of anything that I want to do differently in my future family than how you raised me. I am so so so so so grateful for the family that I have been blessed with. You literally have taught me everything that I know. I am also so grateful for awesome young women's leaders. The more people I talk to the more I realize that my young women's experience was pretty unique. I LOVED young women's and girl's camp and can say that a huge part of my testimony came from those experiences. I think if there's anything that the young women need to learn it is that they're important and they are loved. I'm sure your laurels know that, but it never hurts to remind them.
So we may or may not have a baptism this saturday....Nadia the girl whose sister was baptized a year ago has been praying about the baptismal date of August 10th. She feels like she should be baptized, but the problem is her parents are strongly against it. She's 19 so she doesn't have to do what they say, but still that's really hard. They forbade her from ever going to church again, let alone being baptized. I can't imagine doing something that you strictly forbade me from doing, but then again I don't think you'd ever forbid me from doing anything in the first place. So we're having a special fast for her this week to give her the courage to do what she knows is right. She's been coming to church for a year and keeps all the commandments so she can be baptized as soon as she wants to. We just don't want to rush her into it. So we'll see what happens, either way it is going to be an interesting week!
Love you lots and miss you! Have a great week! Don't get dry sockets SARS!

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