Monday, September 23, 2013

Thor Sighting, Supertitions, Russian Language Lesson

A member sent me this pretty picture.

This week i got a letters from Emily and Jason so they win cousins of the week! (yes that's a thing, but Paul is the only one who has ever won). Also I got a letter with pictures from the eyres when they were in Las Vegas and then a postcard from the Eyres from New York. Not sure if the mail is super delayed or if they just decided to go on two trips in one week. oh on friday night i had a nightmare that i was called to be stake president haha!! i was so mad because nobody would listen to me. i kept saying "you can't call me, i'm a girl! you can't do it! you can't make me!" but nobody would listen and Elder Ballard was supposed to come set me apart and I was freaking out but then I woke up haha. definitely glad it's dad and not me.
So by far the most exciting thing that happened this week was I saw Thor on a bus. That's right, Thor is a real person and he lives in Lugansk, Ukraine and he rides the bus on monday nights to go to mcdonald's. There was this HUGE guy on the bus (and that's unusual in ukraine, there are not really any tall people in ukraine) with shoulder length luscious blonde hair wearing a black leather jacket with red trim and jeans. I kid you not, he was Thor. I wanted to take a picture so bad, but there was no possible way to do it without him seeing. anyways, this doesn't sound very exciting now that i am thinking about it, but it was a big deal to me.
also this week "show me the meaning of being lonely" by the somehow still together Backstreet Boys played on a bus and i almost died. It was so hard for me not to sing along. Go on youtube right now and watch the music video. you won't regret it.
so this week had a lot of little fails and bad luck and things just going wrong but it was all pretty funny. this week I extended (or tried to) the baptismal commitment for the first time and I apparently did not do it correctly (russians phrase questions very differently) because our investigator responded: Thank You. hahaha it was really awkward and hilarious. also we asked him to pray and he sat there quietly with his eyes closed for a solid 5 minutes and said; Thank You. (that's the only phrase he knows in english and i think he just likes to use it) anyways, we're meeting with him tonight and going to ask him to pray vslooh (out loud). also we accidently assignmed him to read the wrong chapter in the Book of Mormon and it's all about suffering and destruction, so yeah, poor Roman, he's just had a rough week with us. also yesterday our power went out and we lost our phone for a good while so that was fun! i am glad
that we like to laugh because we have been doing it a lot this week!
We had a miracle this week when we were trying to find a former investigator. We were looking for a young Indian girl who is here studying, but when we knocked on her door this old babushka answered and we were going to say "sorry wrong address" but she said "hey, you're from america right? i know your friends, the guys in white shirts and ties." Turns out she already has a Book of Mormon and has been to church once! Well she invited us in and wanted us to read the Book of Mormon to her because she has bad eyesight and can't read. She wanted to feed us but I said that we didn't have a lot of time, so she invited us to come back sometime this week when we have more time (AKA she's going to feed us and it's probably going to be nasty, but it's worth it). I'm not sure how interested she is in the gospel, I think she's just lonely and would love to be visited by two nice american girls who speak terrible russian, but who knows.
Oh man another huge fail of the week was English conversation group. we are in charge of picking the topics and we try so hard every week to pick something that won't turn into an argument or won't turn into people bashing Ukraine. (most people who come to english are learning english so that they can move to america because they don't like ukraine, so it's kind of a touchy subject). anyways, we thought we would be super safe this week and talk about art. well this one guy who just comes to start trouble and loves to argue, he was saying that we shouldn't respect artists because all of the most famous ones were either alcoholics or perverts. this other lady was freaking out and getting so mad saying, you need to respect these people and appreciate what amazing works they have done. they were just going at it for like 15 minutes and everyone else was just sitting there laughing at them it was pretty bad.
Okay so people in Ukraine are crazy supersitious. They have some pretty funny ones like you can't make borsh on a Thursday, if you sit at the corner of a table you won't be able to have kids for 7 years, you cannot walk with an empty bag, it is really bad luck. i'm not kidding if you are walking down the street with an empty bag someone will walk up to you and put something in your bag so that it's not empty anymore. Also they paint every tree white at the bottom for some reason, i can't remember why, i think it's to keep bad spirits away or something. if it's raining people just don't go anywhere because they are positive they will get sick. also you are not allowed to sit down on a cold surface, like a bench outside because it means you won't be able to have children. but if you put anything down on top of it, like a single sheet of newspaper then you're fine. if you whistle in an enclosed space (like on a bus) it means everyone who hears it will be poor, so you are 'stealing their money' and you get a lot of dirty looks. haha there are too many of them to even keep track of, i swear a make at least one ukrainian mad every day. the other day i had mud on my shoe so i was wiping it off on some grass and this old grandpa started freaking out and yelling at me! i was with a ukrainian girl and she was laughing and told me he was crazy, so i didn't feel too bad. also there are 51 holidays every year in Ukraine. That's right, they only have one week a year that doesn't have a holiday, and that's probably in the middle of the summer when everyone's on vacation anyways haha. the people here definitely love to party and will find any excuse to have a celebration.
Also I thought I would teach you some russian today. there are actually several words that you already know in Russian without knowing it. If you ever say kuckoo you are saying peek-a-boo in russian. If you say 'rod' you are saying family and if you say Rodney you are saying relative. The word Kara means retribution, the word Sarai means shed, and the word sushi means existing. so there you go, now you know 6 Russian words! see it's easy! i actually just learned all of these words this week. oh also everyone's favorite phrase in the MTC is "poop toot" which means "there's the belly button." seriously. here is how you spell Chicago: Чикаго, Cincinnatti: Цинциннати, and my personal favorite, Salt Lake City: Солт-Лейк Сити. I have been trying to think of good Russian names for everyone in our family. Mine and dad's are the easiest because there are russian equivalents. Eugene is pronounced like "yevgennie" with a hard g like in golf, and my name is Katya obviously. I have to keep thinking about everyone else though. i'll let you know. 

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