Monday, September 2, 2013

Winter Coat

Ready for Winter

Saying goodbye to Albina

Sister Campbell got a hand-me-down

The most exciting news this week is that there was a baptism!!! The elders' investigator Aziz, finally got baptized after 3 years! He's from Nigeria, and he's awesome. The weather was supposed to be bad, so we had the baptism in a sauna even though it turned out that the weather was fine. It was so funny because the 'sauna' was so tiny that Aziz smacked his head on the way down! It was half funny and half awkward because we weren't sure if he was okay, but he's fine so it's all good. I gave the talk about baptism, but it was in english so it was no big deal. I think it's so funny now that after being on a mission for 5 months nothing seems scary anymore, as long as it's in English! Seriously, I don't know how I was ever afraid to speak in english before. I know all the words and I know how to say them correctly! What could go wrong? 

This week I had the interesting experience of shopping with a Ukrainian. A member from the branch, Larisa took Sister Campbell and I shopping for our winter clothes. Let's just say it's a little different than American shopping. We walked into the very first store and looked at the winter coats. Larisa  said, to the man, "let me see that one, nope that's ugly. let me see that one, nope that's ugly. let me see that one, yep that's good. try it on. okay yep it fits we're getting it." haha and so i found my winter coat in about 5 minutes! my kind of shopping!!! I still haven't gotten a hat and gloves yet because she told us there will be a lot mroe selection in about a month, but it's good to get your coat early because it's way cheaper. Don't worry I'll send you a picture of's awesome!

Yesterday I gained a stronger testimony of fasting. We fasted specifically that we could somehow be able to see Lilia this week. She is our 'investigator' who we've only taught once because she lives 2 hours away. She wanted to be baptized this week, but she kind of has to come to Lugansk first so that we can teach her. She doesn't have a cell phone so we literally have no way to contact her, but we fasted that somehow it would work out. Yesterday guess who showed up to church, LIlia!!! It turns out that she was sick and didn't want to meet with us, and left early this morning, so we didn't actually get to teach her, but we at least got to see her and know that she's still interested. Hopefully she can come back soon and we can actually teach her.
Yesterday was also the first day of school. Yep in Ukraine the first day of school is always on September 1st, no matter what day of the week it is (Harry Potter anyone?!?!). Anyways, it's basically a holiday, it's called "knowledge day" and all the parents walk their kids to school and it's a big deal. Basically no one was at church, because everyone is either a parent, grandparent, or teacher of a student. There were 6 people in Relief Society I think. It's so funny because here people get more dressed up to go to school than to church! Weird.
This past week was transfers for the elders (the sisters had their transfers 2 weeks ago, but we didn't move so we didn't know it happened! we're kinda out of the loop here in lugansk) anyways, elder withers left and we got three new elders! we were not expecting to have 4 elders again, but it's awesome. elder butterworth is our new district/zone leader, he is from australia, his companion is elder o'leary, he's from alaska but was adopted from russia when he was little. elder klein's new companion is elder krenz, he's from washington d.c. so no one from our district is from utah or idaho or even the western united states in general...that's insane! we are the most diverse distrtict in the mission, and sister campbell and i are the youngest companionship in the mission, so we're just basically the coolest all around.
So every week we have english conversation group, and Sister Campbell and I were put in charge of it! It's a good assignment for us because it's english, so it's something we can actually do haha. Anyways, we have to brainstorm some ways to make it more interesting and to get more people to come. The main problem is just thinking of different topics to talk about each week. The problem is Ukrainians don't want to talk about anything personal, but that's all that Americans want to talk about. If you have any ideas for topics, we would love to hear them. We are also trying to come up with some fun games to play, and ways to spread the word about it so that we can get more people coming. If you get any good ideas, let me know.
This week we taught our recent convert Nadia and her sister Olia about service and missionary work. We read from Elder Christofferson's redemption talk about how the best service you can do for someone is to bring them to Christ. We gave them a Russian Preach My Gospel and they were so excited!!! Nadia really wants to serve a mission and Olia really wants to get married in the temple and start a family. I told Olia that even if she doesn't serve a mission, preparing for one will bless her family. They are so awesome! They promised to help us out on lessons, but we need to get lessons first! We told Nadia that if she wants to practice being a missionary she needs to invite her friends to meet with us. We have zero investigators right now except for Lilia, but that's okay. I think we're gonna find someone this week.
Alright that's it for this week, hopefully next week I'll have an investigator to tell you about and you will all send me nice long emails with details about your lives and stuff. Miss you every day and love you lots!!!!

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