Monday, October 14, 2013

Fasting Miracle #2, General Conference, Contacting on P-Day

The door to our apartment

Nastia and her mom. She leaves on her mission to Russia soon.

Twinner shoes we bought on P-day

I'm teaching myself how to french braid.

Saying goodbye to Candy

Sea of Azov
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This week i got Emily and Jason's baby announcement, a really nice letter from Sister Holloway (i figured out the secret to getting lots of mail on your mission. have lots of friends on missions and then their moms will write you!) and the missionary mom letter you sent on Sep. 27 (i got it on oct 10th so that's pretty quick). Also a bunch of dear elders from sister eyre as usual, and now my whole mission thinks i have 6 boyfriends writing me because sister welch announced that while they were handing out mail during zone conference, so thank you sister eyre, my street cred just went up 100 points.

this week has warmed back up a lot so don't worry i'm not freezing to death...yet! the people here are so funny about it though. i thought it was just the crazy old ladies who yell at you for not wearing a jacket or tights but it's literally everyone. we were all leaving the church from game night and at least 10 different people of all ages asked my why i didn't have a coat on. i told them because it is warm out and i don't need one (i was wearing a sweater!), but that logic did not work for them. they all told me that i am going to catch a cold and it is my own fault! one time sister welch didn't have tights on but i did, so this old lady was so proud of me and yelling at sister welch but then she noticed that my hair was slightly wet from showering that morning so she started yelling at me too! i swear there is no way to please a babushka. there's always something i'm doing wrong. oh this crazy lady gave sister welch and i each a skirt this week at church and we have to wear it next week or she'll be super offended so i'll make sure to get a picture of that. they're pretty great. also sister welch has a bright teal sweater that simply says "girls" that someone else gave her, so we figure we might as well just wear all the ugly clothes at once and get that out of the way. so next week we're gonna be looking pretty fine.

so this week seemed SO long because we had 2 days in donetsk for zone conference and we still managed to do a ton of stuff here in mariupol. we found 6 new investigators which was awesome!!! Or probably more likely is the Lord sent 6 new investigators to us. Last week right after i emailed we went to go see the sea and we met a cute old couple named Anatoli and Ludmila. they yelled at us to come over and tell us about the books we were holding (this happens more than you would think. in ukraine more often than not people contact you.) anyways we then proceeded to spend the rest of our p-day talking to these crazy old people which was not necessarily what i had hoped to do on my p-day, but it was really good.  We had a lesson with them on Wedensday and they came to General Conference on Sunday! During our lesson they asked about how we pray, and I told them that we pray with our own words. Then we had the member who was helping us do an example prayer for them. As soon as the prayer was over we asked ludmila what she was thinking/feeling and she said "we need to come to your church on sunday" we were like...okay! that's a great idea!

This week I had my second miracle from fasting on my mission. We are wokring with a less active man named Mark. He is 30ish and was baptized with a buddy when he was a teenager but hasn't been active since. We had a lesson with him last week and he told us that he had an important job interview coming up this week. He told us that he mainly wanted this job so that he could provide for his future family. We told him that because it was a righteous desire, the Lord would help him get that job if it was Heavenly Father's will. We offered to fast for him on the day of his interview and he was very grateful because he cannot fast himself for health reasons. We fasted for him and he called us that day and told us that he got the job! He was so grateful and recognized that fasting really works. He came to General Conference on Saturday and Sunday, and we saw him take a tithing slip to pay tithing this week. He also told us that he read the Liahona article we assigned him and he asked for a recommendation for another good article! Every once in a while i have to step back for a second and realize, wow this actually missionary work. I am actually making a difference in someone's life. It is both daunting and humbling at the same time.

The most exciting part of this week was getting to watch general conference! Yes we got to watch it in english, thank goodness! so we had the 6 of us missionaries in one room watching in english, and everyone else in the chapel watching it in russian. by everyone else i mean the branch president and his parents on saturday, there was a much better turnout on sunday. Some favorites were President Monson, Elder Scott, President Uchtdorf, Elder Christofferson of course, and Elder Holland. I can't wait to get the Liahona so I can read them all again.  We are currently teaching three 17 year old boys, they are total punks but deep down good kids. anyways 2 of them came to conference and we asked them what they liked and they were embarrassed and said that they slept through most of it haha. i couldn't blame them because i used to fall asleep in conference too! we were debating if we should tell them that it's normal for conference to be boring to 17 year old boys or if we should tell that them that this is literally a prophet of God speaking to you! You need to take this seriously! in the end we were just happy that they came.

Okay that's it for this week. I love you and miss you all! i hope you have a great week and i can't wait to skype you in 73 short days!!!!!!

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