Monday, December 23, 2013

Lamb Skits and Jump Ropes

okay momz you are way over thinking this whole situation. yes, the internet club will be open. yes, google plus will work. it will all be okay! the internet is way faster here than in hawaii because we are not on a college campus where 5 billion people are streaming movies online. don't worry, it's all gonna be okay. our pday is still today, wednesday is pretty much a normal day except we are allowed 2 hours for our district dinner, and 40 minutes for skype. whoops i told you an hour and a half last week, but actually it's only 40 minutes, sorry! new misison president, new rules! also please don't kill me about this one: i told you that i'm coming home July 24th. That was a big fat lie. apparently someone, somewhere changed their minds and sisters now get 12 transfers! so my release date is officially October 14th. I could come home one early on Sept 4th, but that seems kinda dumb since i wouldn't make it back for school. so yep sorry, it's gonna be october, not july. my bad!

alright so this week went much more smoothly than last week. well kinda, we didn't leave the apartment much because sister kopta and i were both sick pretty much all week. so that kinda stunk, but it didn't leave much room for losing things or falling over, so that's good. also the sun finally came back out and the layer of death ice melted so that's the best news. also i successfully made 3 sunshine rings!! they are safely in the freezer for christmas and new years. 

we did get to go to our christmas party on saturday which was probably the funniest and weirdest christmas party to have ever happened. so a grand total of about 7 people showed up and first we played musical chairs which was SO FUNNY because there's this slightly handicapped guy named Rustam. he used to be a genius but then got in a pretty bad motorcycle accident and now he's pretty off. anyways, he LOVED it and was so determined to win that he would push people out of the way and kept sitting down randomly because he was paranoid about losing, anyways, it's hard to describe but it was the funniest thing to watch ever. then for some reason they decided that we should do skits acting out 'mary had a little lamb.' i think that they thought it was christmas themed because it has the word snow in it. anyways, please try and imagine in your head elder saunders dressed as a lamb, holding a huge fork chasing around crazy Rustam dressed as a little girl. our group decided without me that our skit should be horror themed and that the lamb was trying to eat mary. it was weird. i don't get ukrainian humor at all. and the good news is they don't get american humor at all either. the other group had two lambs doing a dance off to impress mary. let's just say it brought me back to my days as a beehive real quick. 13 year old me would have LOVED IT. and 21 year old me still secretly loved it a little bit. we also were supposed to have a white elephant but surprise, surprise, sister kopta and i were the only ones who brought anything! luckily we brought extras and had enough to give one present to everyone who came. we honestly just used it as an opportunity to de-junk our apartment. we gave away, two nerf guns, a rubiks cube, some bracelets sized for a 2 year old girl, some voltage battery tester thing? i don't know it was still in the package and it was in russian and i don't think we needed it, a weird owl statue and some random tea we found in the back of our cabinet that may or may not be from 2001. weirdly enough, everyone loved their presents haha. oh ukraine. oh and the grand finale of the christmas party was the jump roping! who knew that grown adults like to jump rope? well apparently ukrainians do. i had the privilege of turning the rope while several 30ish year old ukrainians jumped for like half an hour. it was so funny because they were all TERRIBLE and yet somehow they loved it. i think ukrainians understand simple pleasures better than americans do.

okay i am sorry this is all i have time for because we are borrowing computers at the office. we are in donetsk for registration for sister kopta! yay for unexpected travel! well i will SEE you in 2 days! yes 5:00 my time is perfect! be there or be square! love you!!!! be good!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nicknames, Bad luck, Helping out the work in Ohio too!

alright this is going to be crazy short because i spent all of my email time writing an encouraging letter to your recent convert. i hope the sisters living in my room appreciate all that i do for them! anyways, this week Heavenly Father decided to really test my resolve to be positive and not think of myself. literally all of the bad things happened and i tried oh so hard not to be upset about it. first and worst, i lost my memory card with all of my mission pictures. boom gone. okay it was 100% my fault and that makes it even worse because i have no one to be mad at but myself. so that was on monday.

on tuesday real winter hit. it's all because last week i emailed everyone and said "it's not even cold here. it's colder in america than in ukraine blah blah blah" well i guess ukraine didn't like that and it decided to cover itself in a layer of DEATH ICE. poor sister kopta has biffed it 10 times already. luckily i haven't wiped out yet but i know it will happen soon. also on tuesday i attempted my first sunshine ring. what i didn't know what that your recipe for rolls makes enough dough for 2 or maybe 3 sunshine rings? i don't know, but when i rolled that thing up it was ENORMOUS. i know it was wrong, but didn't know what to do about it, so we just baked it as was and it literally filled up our entire oven. I could barely get it out. so the inside never got fully cooked, and the edges were pretty crispy, but we gave it to the elders and they didn't really care.

on wednesday i had the privlidge and opportunity to kill 2 cockroaches. here's a life question for you: can you microwave a cockroach? answer: yes. it takes approximately 10 minutes, but it will eventually die. did i feel a little bit sorry for the sucker? yes. the second one i killed by smashing with our cinnamon jar, it was gross and its guts got everywhere, so i would definietly recommend the microwave option.

thursday the zipper on one of my boots broke. that was pretty upsetting as well. there are little shoe repair stands all over the place, so we are going to go see if i can get a new zipper today, but if not i might have to buy new boots. LAME. this one was also my fault, well half my fault, half my shortness's fault. so it's been pretty cold and i have just been wearing my thermals because SPOILER ALERT: tights don't do ANYTHING. so i was thinking one day, hey these thermals are pretty baggy, i bet i could fit my jeans under here. YEP! so now i've been wearing jeans under my thermals and it is so nice and toasty. anyways, since i am crazy short, i have to roll my jeans and my thermals a bunch of times which makes a nice big bunch around my ankles. so i was trying to zip up my boot and boom the zipper broke right when we had to leave for english and it was stuck zipped up part of the way, so i just had to wear a halfway zipped boot to english but whatever, let's be real it's ukraine, no one even noticed.
friday was friday the 13th, so of course we were in for a treat. actually nothing to bad happened except our salt shaker has one half that a little bit comes out of and one half that tons come out of, so i grabbed it to put salt on my vareneke (don't know how to explain that one, you can look it up) and accidentally COVERED it in salt. i scraped off as much as i could but it was still the saltiest thing of my life. i was coughing and my tongue burned and i shouldn't have eaten it, but i was so hungry and tired. anyways, that night i burned my tongue on tea that a member made for us and i don't thing my tongue will ever be the same.

saturday and sunday nothing too bad happened, so i hope the curse is broken. i don't know what i was supposed to learn from this unlucky week, but like President Monson said, my future is as bright as my faith. so next week is going to be A LOT better!
also we did have some highlights of the week:

first i finally got nametags that say sister shrek!!! i am officially sister shrek and there's no going back. goodbye schrecengost!
second i have finally been here long enough to get nicknames. angelika calls me shrekula, and some other members call me solnishka which means sunshine and umnitsa which basically means smarty pants.
third, our less active anna came to church for the third week in a row! she's awesome. she asked me this week, "what chapter or verses did you read this week that you really liked?" and "what blessings have you noticed in your life this week?" i honestly had to stop for a minute and think about it. she invited us to come over this week to decorate her house for christmas and watch the first presidency christmas devotional. i'm so excited!!!!
last, we got 2 new investigators! they are a super cute young couple with 2 little kids. right now they are just interested in english practice, but they understand that our purpose is to talk about the gospel. hopefully eventually they will realize how much this message can bless their family.

okay sorry that's all i got this week. i think it was pretty dramatic and mostly me complaining....sorry. i just had a lot of bad luck this week. at the time it wasn't very funny but now that i think about it, it was pretty ridiculous. anyways, i hope your week went better than mine! i love you and miss you all tons! i can't wait to SEE you next week!!!!

From Katie's mom:
A cute 14 year old girl, who got baptized along with her family in our ward on Sunday, wrote to Katie a few weeks ago as part of a YW activity. She told Katie all about meeting the missionaries and discovering the gospel with her family. Here is Katie's wonderful reply to her:

Dear Christiana,
Thank you so much for your letter! Missionaries love to get mail! I loved reading your story about how you found the gospel. One of the greatest blessings of serving a misison is being able to see and experience miracles every day. I know that miracles are real, and that they are all around us, but we have to look for them. Your family finding the church and deciding to be baptized was definitely a miracle. But the greatest miracle will be when you have the opportunity to be sealed together as a family in the temple. As missionaries, our purpose is not just to help individuals be baptized, it is to help families be sealed for time and all eternity, because that is God's purpose. That is why we are all here. I know that the blessings of the temple are real, and that you do not have to wait a year to receive them.

If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to do your family history work as a family, and then go to the temple together and be baptized for your ancestors. The temple is such a sacred place, and you will feel the spirit so strongly there. Every time that I go to the temple, I just feel so peaceful and happy. Anything that I am worried about just seems to go away. Also, every time that you do baptisms for the dead you will be reminded of your own baptism and how clean and happy you felt in that moment. Most importantly, when you are baptized for your ancestors, you will feel their love and gratitude for this saving work that you are doing for them. It has been said that doing temple work is the best thing that we can to do become most like our Savior, because we are literally helping others reach salvation. Our ancestors who died without the gospel need our help.
I had the opportunity to be baptized for my great-grandmother when I was 12 years old. I had known her when I was little, so I could picture her face when I was baptized for her. It was a very sacred experience, and the spirit told me very strongly that she had been waiting for that ordinance. I knew that she was so grateful to me, and that I would see her again someday. I know that you can have sacred experiences in the temple as well. I know that temples bless our lives as well as the lives of those who have come before us.
I hope you know how much our Heavenly Father loves you. He is so proud of your decision to be baptized. One of my favorite quotes that I have heard on my mission was by a woman named Janice Kapp Perry. She said "Surely that happiest person in the Plan of Happiness is Heavenly Father." I am sure that He is the happiest when His children decided to come closer to Him by making sacred covenants. I know that God is so pleased with you and your family. I know that your family will grow closwer together and receive more blessings than ever before as a result of your decision to be baptized.
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and that is only through Him that we can be saved.Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year for a lot of reasons, but mainly it is because of the peace, hope, and joy that fill my soul every time that I think of my Savior. I know that I never have to feel alone, or discouraged, or afraid because Jesus Christ knows everything that I ever have felt and that I ever will feel, and He is always there to help me if I just ask. Sometimes life is hard, and it is hard to tell if God really is there. But to me that is faith: to choose to believe that He is there, even when it doesn't feel like He is. I know that He is there because I see and feel His love every day.
I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God because I read it every day and it helps me every day. I have found many answers to prayer in the Book of Mormon. I also know that it is true because I can feel myself growing closer to God as I live by its teachings. Because I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, I also know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. He truly did see God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, on that spring morning in 1820. God's Priesthood Authority is restored to the earth today, and as a result, we can be sealed as families in the temple for time and all eternity. This is the greatest blessing of all. This is why I am here as a missionary, thousands of miles away from home, speaking a scary language, talking to sometimes scary people. Because my family has already receieved the blessings of the gospel. We know where to turn to find peace and happiness. But so many people do not know what I know. So that's why I'm here: to help people learn how to be happy. Truly happy, the kind that lasts forever.
So I want you to remember how happy you felt on your baptism day. Cherish that memory and keep it forever. But don't keep it to yourself. Share that happiness with those around you. As you allow the gospel to change you and make you better, I know that others will see a difference in you. Share the knowledge that has made you so happy with those you care about. Heavenly Father restored His gospel so that all of His children could be blessed, not just a few of us. And we can help Him in that work.
I want to share my favorite scripture with you. It is Alma 37: 6-7. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." You and I are small and simple, but the Lord has great things planned for us. I have learned on my mission that there's not a whole lot that I can do on my own. But with the Lord's help I can do anything. I know that this is true for you as well.
I know that Heavenly Father loves you so much, and that He will help you as you continue to follow Him. If there is one thing that Heavenly Father wants each of His daughters to know, I think it is this: You are important, and you are loved. Never forget that!
Although I have never met you, I already love you. I can't wait to meet you and your family when I come home next fall. Please feel free to write me any time, I would love to hear how you and your family are doing!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Crock Pot and Toilet Brush

Wax Museum


okay wow sorry this is gonna be a short one, i just spent half an hour trying to save the picture of our house that dad sent me to my flash drive and it won't work! lame. anyways this week we went to Donetsk for zone conference which was way fun but the best part was our christmas presents from the Lochheads. they bought us all tickets to go see the nutcracker on new year's eve!!!! i am so excited you don't even know. i have been dancing around singing the nutcracker all week. sister kopta has finally figured out that i'm crazy, so that's good. i had her going for a solid 3 weeks though, so that's pretty impressive. also sister lochhead made each of us a stocking! we are in charge of filling our companion's stockings so sister kopta and i are going to go on a member split so we can go shopping for each other. also sister lochhead is basically oprah and there's this part of zone conference that's everyone's favorite part when she calls out a healthy food and if you've eaten that food in the past week you stand up and then who ever stands up the most times gets a prize, any way it's a joke because she gets enough prizes for every one anyways and she always just throws random stuff at us like shoe shiners and cutting boards and this time it was toilet brushes! haha well when they give us this stuff they don't think about the people that live in different cities that have to travel with this stuff, so try and imagine me walking halfway across donetsk, getting on a 2 hour bus, then walking halfway across mariupol with a package for sister kopta, a CROCKPOT (yes we finally got one!) and a christmas stocking with a toilet brush sticking out of the top hahaha. let's just say the people on those buses probably won't be getting baptized anytime soon.
oh elder saunders and i both got packages from sister eyre (Thank you!!!!) and the post office decided to steal all of my candy but none of elder saunders! i am so mad. i did get the socks though which was definitely the most important part. elder harrison called me and was like, um elder saunders got a package and we think sister eyre may have mixed up the socks because his are purple polka dots and i was like, um knowing sister eyre, there's a very good chance that she did that on purpose haha. also i'm not switching because i'm already wearing mine! i am making quite the fashion statement today with black and white patterened socks, brown boots. gray patterened tights, a navy coat, black gloves, and a teal hat. good thing i've been a trend setter my whole life. (also, ps whoever thought that stirrup pants are dead hasn't been to ukraine recently!)

last week on p-day we had the great privilege of visiting mariupol's highly esteemed Wax Museum. Ruslan a recent convert who LOVES missionaries and gets offended if we don't ask for his help on lessons every single day invited all of us to come with him and of course we had to say yes. so we each coughed up 60 grieven (which is still less than 10 dollars but seemed like a lot at the time) to go into this tiny room with maybe 20 wax figures of all weird disfigured people, like a man with two heads, a girl with a pig nose, etc etc. they were all supposed to be real people, but the last two were Shrek and Fiona, so i'm not too sure about that one. anyways it was such a joke but Ruslan loved it so we had to pretend like we thought it was cool, and then this lady comes in and  talks for like 2 hours about each person and i almost died!!!! oh well we got out of there eventually, and i got a picture with shrek, so it wasn't a complete fail. anyways, next time someone invites you to a wax museum in ukraine, feel free to say no.
this week we had a hilarious fail of a lesson. i feel like that happens more often than not....hmmm. anyways, we were teaching Nadia our golden investigator who never actually meets with us, so the one time we actually have a lesson with her the fire alarm goes off right in the middle of the lesson! luckily the elders were at the church so we left them to deal with that (there wasn't actually a fire, i promise) so we decided to continue with the lesson despite the alarm, and we are watching the restoration video and right when Joseph Smith starts the see the first vision, the pillar of light appears and BAM nadia's phone goes off and she leaves to go into the hall to answer it! haha i was like umm we're gonna rewind that and watch it again. i think satan REALLY doesn't want Nadia to feel the spirit. no worries though, i'm pretty good at fighting satan by now.

the other exciting part of the week was i invented a new recipe! i call it "how to eat vegetables without hating your life." so this is what you do. you make yourself a nice quesadilla (on the stove not in the microwave fool!) then on half of the quesadilla you spread a nice layer of sour cream. then you choose the vegetables which you hate least (for me it is bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and sometimes tomatoes if i am feeling brave) chop up the vegetables and put them on the hallf of the quesadilla with the sour cream, then fold it all in half like a new york pizza slice. and there you have it. how to eat vegetables without hating your life. also today we are buying a blender! so if you could send me some good smoothie recipes i would love it.
this week i found my scripture of the year for 2014. it's 2 Nephi 10:33. cheer up and choose eternal life! just do it!!!!! 

oh you asked for an update on mark. since we fasted for him and he got the job he is now on the sea until june! he is a sailor, i don't know if i mentioned that. basically the worst job ever for church activity. i am so sad! i was worried about him leaving when he was just starting to get active, but he came up to me on his last sunday and promised to read his Book of Mormon every day and to pray every day. he also brought his friend to meet with the elders, so i'm not too worried about mark.
as for the package, i have mainly been using the peanut butter and hot chocolate! sister kopta is not a huge syrup fan, so i'm saving that for a companion who will enjoy it with me. we are going to look for a muffin tin today so that we can try to make brown sugar muffins!
also in zone conference we were told that we are not allowed to chat with anyone online, so no chatting me mom!!!
okay that's all i've got this week sorry! also i'm not sure about skype details but i'm pretty sure that we should be able to google chat with everyone together. i think we are free all day, so you should all figure out a time that you can all be free and then we can do it then. also i guess you could coordinate with sister kopta's mom since apparently you are bff's now haha. anyways, can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces in 16 days!!! love you and miss you! have a great week!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013


December 2, 2013

hahaha okay first off, i typed the email 'from angelica' so i'm glad that you think my english is very good haha. she asked me to type it because she is a pretty slow typer in english, which is quite understandable. i tried to type my name in russian and it took a good 10 minutes. angelica is 22 and has done some college here in ukraine but didn't like it, so she's been studying english for awhile so that she can go study at byu. it is so weird to think that she and sarah are doing the same application....sarah is not old enough to go to college!!!!

okay so my two miracles from last week. first of all i wish i had written them last week because over the past week they have sort of become less miraculous, but that's okay. so first off the elders passed us this GOLDEN girl named Nadia. She is 24 and speaks english and has been to 3 churches in the past 3 years because she is looking for a church that is run by God not by people. um hello perfect. anyways the only catch is that she is literally the flakiest person on the planet. she is not actually avoiding us, she really loves us and i think she is really sincere, she just is kind of spacey and not exactly the most prompt person i've met (good thing i have 2 wonderful siblings that have taught me how to love this type of person). anyways, i strongly believe she is ready to hear the gospel, she just has to actually meet with us at some point! miracle #2 was that a less active woman named Vera came back to church! she was offended by someone in the branch and stopped coming for several months, but she called up her friend and said "I'm ready to come back" wow. well actually turns out that she just came because her grandson (who has been active the whole time) didn't want to come to church that week and the only way she could make sure he went is if she went with him. She did not come to church this week. so i mean it was a step, just not as big as we originally thought.

okay so that was last week. this week was Thanksgiving!!!!! We had a dinner that originally was supposed to be just missionaries, but several members invited themselves in typical ukrainian style, so it grew to be a whole bunch of random people but it was fun. the food was great (the elders couldn't find a turkey anywhere, so we had 2 roast chickens which were amazing), our apple pie turned out great by some thanksgiving miracle, and i spent all morning mashing a billion potatoes by hand. my right hand may or may not be bruised right now, but it was worth it. this week all of the lessons and spiritual thoughts we shared were about gratitude and i challenged everyone to write down their top 5 biggest blessings and thank Heavenly Father for them in their personal prayers that night. I decided I should probably keep my own commitment, so here are mine:

1. The Atonement of Jesus Christ and the opportunity to change and become better every day.
2. My Family
3. Personal Revelation (through scriptures and the Holy Ghost)
4. My Mission
5. Covenants

So that's my top 5. What's yours? you should do it for family night or something.

this week i had one of those moments when you realize, woah i have actually learned stuff. i'm not a greenie anymore. it is so hard to gauge or even notice your progress on a mission because it happens a tiny bit every single day. anyways on tuesday we were at a Family Night at one of the members' houses and it was Sister Kopta's first time. I looked over at her sitting on the couch sitting straight up, hands folded in her lap, looking around nervously trying to understand anything at all. then i realized that i was just sitting all relaxed eating some weird ukrainian food without thinking twice about it, chatting with a member, feeling totally at home. i realized that in this moment, in this randon ukrainian apartment, i felt 100% at home. it probably would feel more normal to me to be there than to be at home right now honestly. that's weird. i don't know when that happened.

this week one of our less actives Anna came back to church!!! she just randomly decided to come to our halloween party and since then we have gone and visited her house at least once a week. she admitted that when she came to the party she knew we would try and talk to her and get her to come back to church, but she decided to come anyways. she has a 2 year old daughter and they want to have another kid soon. anyways, her husband is less active and the elders are trying to work with him but he is being a poop. but Anna is great! we just go over and talk (she speaks perfect english thank goodness) and she knows that she needs to come back, she just knows that being active is a big time commitment. anyways we called her this week to invite her to game night and sister kopta told me that i should invite her to church ( i always listen to her because i believe in greenie intuition AKA the Spirit) and when i did she said "you know what, i've been thinking about it and i want to come to church this week." it was definitely a miracle!!! sacrament meeting was pretty crazy like it always is on fast sunday, but she said she was really glad they came so hopefully they will come again next week! even though we don't really have any investigators right now, working with less actives has been so great. it is so exciting to see real progress!

oh this week we had the craziest referral i've ever gotten. so this woman calls me one random morning and starts taking so fast in Russian and i had no idea what she was saying. all i caught was that her name was Aliona, she wanted me to talk to her parents, and something about a post office. i asked her if she knew the elders' phone number and she said yes, so I told her to call them because they speak russian a lot better haha. turns out she is a member who lives in Kiev and she wanted us to deliver a package to her parents as a sneaky way to get them to meet the missionaries. well they saw right through that plan and the dad freaked out and was yelling at us. anyways, turns out the dad (he's way old) was just crazy and he is mean to everyone, but the mom and sister were super sweet. they had us stay for tea and cookies and looked at our family pictures and showed us theirs. haha all old people have really bad eyesight here, but the mom Ulia must have really bad eyesight because she said that Dad looks like Jesus. haha she also said that dad is so young, she thought dad was my brother and justin was the dad. Hahaha she also said that she can tell our whole family is very smart, so that's good. whenever people see our family picture they are always shocked that i am the one in the middle. every single time they say "woah that's you?!?! you are beautiful!......what happened?" hahahaha every single time!!! there's a phenomenon in this mission where i guess ukraine kinda just takes the life out of you, i don't know why, but everyone comes home looking like 5 years older and slightly dead. but then as soon as you get home you go back to normal so no worries, i probably won't look like this forever. i just love everyone's reaction when they see our family picture.

okay so winter fashion is officially in full swing and it just the greatest. first of all, all the little kids have to wear these thick bunchy tights under their jeans, even the boys and it is hilarious because they HATE it. they get all bunchy and twisted and the kids are always complaining and i really feel for them. also it's true, everyone told me that they dress the kids up like the little brother in a christmas story and it is 100% true. even now when it's still in the upper 30's these kids are like little snowmen waddling around, it's the cutest thing ever. my second favorite item of winter clothing is the men's leather baseball hats. i don't understand them because i'm pretty sure the point of a hat is to cover your ears, but these are literally just super thick baseball hats that all the guys wear. i will try and get a picture of one because i'm not describing it very well. all of the babushki are paranoid about us poor baby americans freezing to death. they are always yelling at us to put on more layers. i swear multiple times every day people ask me if i'm cold and why i'm not wearing a hat. sister kopta didn't have boots for her first 2 days and everyone freaked out and told me i was a bad trainer!!! seriously my success as a missionary is judged by how well my companion is dressed.

oh also i don't think i've told you much about mariupol. since it is right on the sea it is a huge fishing town. there are little old ladies sitting on every street corner selling fish. sometimes they are dried and on a string and the lady shakes the string and yells at you to buy her fish. sometimes they are just wet and slimy in a huge bucket straight out of the sea. no matter what they definietly smell fresh and look nasty! good thing we are not allowed to eat the fish here on account of heavy metal poisoning. also mariupol is known for it's pollution. there are tons of factories here, but the good news is that one of them is a chocolate factory. and if you stand in just the right spot it smells like you are living in a bucket of hot fudge. it's my favorite spot in mariupol as you could probably imagine.

okay okay that's all i have time for this week! i hope that you have a great week! listen to Delilah (93.9 WLIT!!!!) for me! i miss that woman!

p.s. two things i forgot last week that are different about me. there is approximately 10 pounds less of me, i have no way of actually measuring but that is a wild guess. and also i eat cereal with big spoons now. that's a big change for me! i used to HATE big spoons, but now i'm on dad's side. big spoon=fast spoon!

Biggest Loser: Ukraine