Monday, December 9, 2013

Crock Pot and Toilet Brush

Wax Museum


okay wow sorry this is gonna be a short one, i just spent half an hour trying to save the picture of our house that dad sent me to my flash drive and it won't work! lame. anyways this week we went to Donetsk for zone conference which was way fun but the best part was our christmas presents from the Lochheads. they bought us all tickets to go see the nutcracker on new year's eve!!!! i am so excited you don't even know. i have been dancing around singing the nutcracker all week. sister kopta has finally figured out that i'm crazy, so that's good. i had her going for a solid 3 weeks though, so that's pretty impressive. also sister lochhead made each of us a stocking! we are in charge of filling our companion's stockings so sister kopta and i are going to go on a member split so we can go shopping for each other. also sister lochhead is basically oprah and there's this part of zone conference that's everyone's favorite part when she calls out a healthy food and if you've eaten that food in the past week you stand up and then who ever stands up the most times gets a prize, any way it's a joke because she gets enough prizes for every one anyways and she always just throws random stuff at us like shoe shiners and cutting boards and this time it was toilet brushes! haha well when they give us this stuff they don't think about the people that live in different cities that have to travel with this stuff, so try and imagine me walking halfway across donetsk, getting on a 2 hour bus, then walking halfway across mariupol with a package for sister kopta, a CROCKPOT (yes we finally got one!) and a christmas stocking with a toilet brush sticking out of the top hahaha. let's just say the people on those buses probably won't be getting baptized anytime soon.
oh elder saunders and i both got packages from sister eyre (Thank you!!!!) and the post office decided to steal all of my candy but none of elder saunders! i am so mad. i did get the socks though which was definitely the most important part. elder harrison called me and was like, um elder saunders got a package and we think sister eyre may have mixed up the socks because his are purple polka dots and i was like, um knowing sister eyre, there's a very good chance that she did that on purpose haha. also i'm not switching because i'm already wearing mine! i am making quite the fashion statement today with black and white patterened socks, brown boots. gray patterened tights, a navy coat, black gloves, and a teal hat. good thing i've been a trend setter my whole life. (also, ps whoever thought that stirrup pants are dead hasn't been to ukraine recently!)

last week on p-day we had the great privilege of visiting mariupol's highly esteemed Wax Museum. Ruslan a recent convert who LOVES missionaries and gets offended if we don't ask for his help on lessons every single day invited all of us to come with him and of course we had to say yes. so we each coughed up 60 grieven (which is still less than 10 dollars but seemed like a lot at the time) to go into this tiny room with maybe 20 wax figures of all weird disfigured people, like a man with two heads, a girl with a pig nose, etc etc. they were all supposed to be real people, but the last two were Shrek and Fiona, so i'm not too sure about that one. anyways it was such a joke but Ruslan loved it so we had to pretend like we thought it was cool, and then this lady comes in and  talks for like 2 hours about each person and i almost died!!!! oh well we got out of there eventually, and i got a picture with shrek, so it wasn't a complete fail. anyways, next time someone invites you to a wax museum in ukraine, feel free to say no.
this week we had a hilarious fail of a lesson. i feel like that happens more often than not....hmmm. anyways, we were teaching Nadia our golden investigator who never actually meets with us, so the one time we actually have a lesson with her the fire alarm goes off right in the middle of the lesson! luckily the elders were at the church so we left them to deal with that (there wasn't actually a fire, i promise) so we decided to continue with the lesson despite the alarm, and we are watching the restoration video and right when Joseph Smith starts the see the first vision, the pillar of light appears and BAM nadia's phone goes off and she leaves to go into the hall to answer it! haha i was like umm we're gonna rewind that and watch it again. i think satan REALLY doesn't want Nadia to feel the spirit. no worries though, i'm pretty good at fighting satan by now.

the other exciting part of the week was i invented a new recipe! i call it "how to eat vegetables without hating your life." so this is what you do. you make yourself a nice quesadilla (on the stove not in the microwave fool!) then on half of the quesadilla you spread a nice layer of sour cream. then you choose the vegetables which you hate least (for me it is bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and sometimes tomatoes if i am feeling brave) chop up the vegetables and put them on the hallf of the quesadilla with the sour cream, then fold it all in half like a new york pizza slice. and there you have it. how to eat vegetables without hating your life. also today we are buying a blender! so if you could send me some good smoothie recipes i would love it.
this week i found my scripture of the year for 2014. it's 2 Nephi 10:33. cheer up and choose eternal life! just do it!!!!! 

oh you asked for an update on mark. since we fasted for him and he got the job he is now on the sea until june! he is a sailor, i don't know if i mentioned that. basically the worst job ever for church activity. i am so sad! i was worried about him leaving when he was just starting to get active, but he came up to me on his last sunday and promised to read his Book of Mormon every day and to pray every day. he also brought his friend to meet with the elders, so i'm not too worried about mark.
as for the package, i have mainly been using the peanut butter and hot chocolate! sister kopta is not a huge syrup fan, so i'm saving that for a companion who will enjoy it with me. we are going to look for a muffin tin today so that we can try to make brown sugar muffins!
also in zone conference we were told that we are not allowed to chat with anyone online, so no chatting me mom!!!
okay that's all i've got this week sorry! also i'm not sure about skype details but i'm pretty sure that we should be able to google chat with everyone together. i think we are free all day, so you should all figure out a time that you can all be free and then we can do it then. also i guess you could coordinate with sister kopta's mom since apparently you are bff's now haha. anyways, can't wait to see all of your beautiful faces in 16 days!!! love you and miss you! have a great week!!!

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