Monday, December 23, 2013

Lamb Skits and Jump Ropes

okay momz you are way over thinking this whole situation. yes, the internet club will be open. yes, google plus will work. it will all be okay! the internet is way faster here than in hawaii because we are not on a college campus where 5 billion people are streaming movies online. don't worry, it's all gonna be okay. our pday is still today, wednesday is pretty much a normal day except we are allowed 2 hours for our district dinner, and 40 minutes for skype. whoops i told you an hour and a half last week, but actually it's only 40 minutes, sorry! new misison president, new rules! also please don't kill me about this one: i told you that i'm coming home July 24th. That was a big fat lie. apparently someone, somewhere changed their minds and sisters now get 12 transfers! so my release date is officially October 14th. I could come home one early on Sept 4th, but that seems kinda dumb since i wouldn't make it back for school. so yep sorry, it's gonna be october, not july. my bad!

alright so this week went much more smoothly than last week. well kinda, we didn't leave the apartment much because sister kopta and i were both sick pretty much all week. so that kinda stunk, but it didn't leave much room for losing things or falling over, so that's good. also the sun finally came back out and the layer of death ice melted so that's the best news. also i successfully made 3 sunshine rings!! they are safely in the freezer for christmas and new years. 

we did get to go to our christmas party on saturday which was probably the funniest and weirdest christmas party to have ever happened. so a grand total of about 7 people showed up and first we played musical chairs which was SO FUNNY because there's this slightly handicapped guy named Rustam. he used to be a genius but then got in a pretty bad motorcycle accident and now he's pretty off. anyways, he LOVED it and was so determined to win that he would push people out of the way and kept sitting down randomly because he was paranoid about losing, anyways, it's hard to describe but it was the funniest thing to watch ever. then for some reason they decided that we should do skits acting out 'mary had a little lamb.' i think that they thought it was christmas themed because it has the word snow in it. anyways, please try and imagine in your head elder saunders dressed as a lamb, holding a huge fork chasing around crazy Rustam dressed as a little girl. our group decided without me that our skit should be horror themed and that the lamb was trying to eat mary. it was weird. i don't get ukrainian humor at all. and the good news is they don't get american humor at all either. the other group had two lambs doing a dance off to impress mary. let's just say it brought me back to my days as a beehive real quick. 13 year old me would have LOVED IT. and 21 year old me still secretly loved it a little bit. we also were supposed to have a white elephant but surprise, surprise, sister kopta and i were the only ones who brought anything! luckily we brought extras and had enough to give one present to everyone who came. we honestly just used it as an opportunity to de-junk our apartment. we gave away, two nerf guns, a rubiks cube, some bracelets sized for a 2 year old girl, some voltage battery tester thing? i don't know it was still in the package and it was in russian and i don't think we needed it, a weird owl statue and some random tea we found in the back of our cabinet that may or may not be from 2001. weirdly enough, everyone loved their presents haha. oh ukraine. oh and the grand finale of the christmas party was the jump roping! who knew that grown adults like to jump rope? well apparently ukrainians do. i had the privilege of turning the rope while several 30ish year old ukrainians jumped for like half an hour. it was so funny because they were all TERRIBLE and yet somehow they loved it. i think ukrainians understand simple pleasures better than americans do.

okay i am sorry this is all i have time for because we are borrowing computers at the office. we are in donetsk for registration for sister kopta! yay for unexpected travel! well i will SEE you in 2 days! yes 5:00 my time is perfect! be there or be square! love you!!!! be good!

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