Tuesday, February 25, 2014

On Date, New Companion, Sister's Conference, DON'T WORRY, MOM!

okay, well in the words of president lochhead: "I am gonna have SUCH good stories to tell my grandkids." let's just say, stuff is getting real over here. i don't know what i'm allowed to say and not, but we don't wear name tags anymore, and we can't leave our apartment after dark. it's so weird. we get SO bored!!! we are programmed to be out and working from 6-9 because that's 'prime proselyting time' and now we are cooped up inside and have nothing to do!!! poor sister nash was pacing around looking for something to do, so we made doughnuts haha. actually way easy and delicious! who knew? basically we are just waiting for something to happen. hopefully it gets better and we can go back to work as normal, but if i were you i would hold off on booking your flights to come pick me up, because who knows what will happen. i don't want to freak you out, but it's pretty freaky, not gonna lie. 
okay let's focus on the positive!!! first off, this week we put someone on date!!!!!!!! we have this awesome investigator vladimir, who is 42 years old, has no family of his own, but has a super good relationship with both of his parents (which is rare here). he is just so humble and sincere, he just wants to find truth. he has been taught all the lessons and is reading from the Book of Mormon, and right now he is at the point where he hopes that it is all true, he just doesn't know yet. we had the lesson at the Lochheads (game over) and both president and sister lochhead helped us on the lesson. we talked a lot about the holy ghost and how he can recognize his answer that the Book of Mormon is true, and how he can have the companionship of the holy ghost after he is baptized. he recognized that he always feels peaceful and good when he meets with us, and he really wants to be able to feel that way all the time. we told him that we had been talking about it together that morning and we felt that he will be ready to be baptized on March 15th. He agreed!!!! The best part what his closing prayer. He said, "I am so grateful to be with these religious people and talk about religious things, and I hope that someday i can be among them." it was so precious!!!! then after our lessons, he ran into some elders on the street and told them, 'yeah i just met with nash and shrek and i think i'm gonna get baptized!" MIRACLES ARE REAL. i can't say it enough.
the other highlight of the week was sisters' conference!!!!!!!! basically girls camp but only 24 hours and more crying haha. the elders were kind of complaining that they don't get elders' conference and asking why we get sister's conference and then i said, 'misisons are emotionally challenging for sisters.' that shut them up real quick because it's so true. it was so good just to be around so many awesome sisters. of course there were back massages and hair tips and lots of feelings, but my favorite part was definitely the spiritual aspect of it. sister lochhead taught us about Eve and the Fall and BLEW OUR MINDS. she is a genius. seriously.
oh also this week we got a new companion!!! her name is sister beaudin and she is from texas! she is one transfer younger than us (sister campbell and welch's age) and she is a whopping 4'11'' haha! people literally point and talk to each other about how small we are....whatevs. we are having so much fun. i love troikas!!!
funny ukraine moment of the week. i looked around during sunday school and realized that our class was, a less-active with a broken hand teaching the class, an old blind man, and a crazy lady wearing a high school musical scarf. that sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it's my life. the funny thing is it didn't even phase me. 

Baking with Sister Nash

alright, that's it for this week. don't freak out momz, i know you are worried about me. missionaries are literally the safest people on the planet, Heavenly Father is looking out for us. pray for us and everything will be fine. i love you and worry about you too! i miss you every day, but i am happy to be here. even right now. be good, be safe, and be grateful to live in america this week. love you!!!!!!!!!

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