Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Good Soldier

Most of the evenings this week we were on lockdown if we didn't have any lessons because they didn't want us wandering around looking for trouble (99% sure that rule was made with elders in mind. they have a knack for finding trouble). anyways, since we didn't have any lessons this week, it means we had a whole lot of companionship bonding time inside! it was fun at first but gets pretty boring after a while. we found uno cards and i tried to remember how to play freecell but i couldn't. that means i've been gone for awhile (ps my year mark is in 10 days. nbd.) also we started helping sister beaudin pack (she's heading back to kharkov. oh i guess i never told you why she came in the first place. she fell on the ice (don't we all) and one of her rib heads slipped out of place. luckily we have a senior missionary elder hawkins who is a chiropractor so he has been working with her for the past month and now she's all better, so she's going back to her old area). sister nash and i are staying together in donetsk and i'm so happy!!! it's so much fun being with a missionary your own age (mission age, that is.) 
this week our only lesson was pretty much a fail, but it's not our fault because the guy is crazy. his name is dima and he was baptized last year, but right after he was baptized something snapped and he went totally crazy. sometimes he is there mentally, but usually he is not. we taught about following the prophet and commited him to come watch conference at the church in a few weeks, but then he started talking about conference as this important meeting with lots of people and he somehow mentioned the USSR in there, so we're pretty sure he was talking about something very different, but what can you do?
okay so you know the whole battered and bruised thing? still in effect. last night we heard some sounds that we thought were either fireworks or you know, something else....so i ran to the window and somehow tripped on two things and during some point sliced my foot open! it only bled a little bit, and sister nash bandaged me up, so no worries, but still! i think i am the queen of jinxes. i also put my winter coat and boots away and swore to never wear them again, so naturally yesterday we woke up to a blizzard! not cool.
okay the sad news of the week, vladimir did not come to church, so he won't be able to be baptized on the 29th. we literally did everything we could to get him there. we even fasted for him to be able to come but he still couldn't. we were pretty devastated. the good news is he is still reading and praying every day, so it will happen eventually. also he LOVES the lochheads (who doesn't?) and they are speaking in our branch on sunday, so hopefully that will get him there. the good news is that tanya and sergei, the mom and son i talked about last week came again! we passed them to the elders because sergei is slightly too friendly with us, but that's okay. sergei just adores the elders and they will be great with him.
okay the scripture for the week is "Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." 2 Timothy 2:3
oh i came up with a list of the questions i am asked most frequently on my mission. here we go (in order of frequency):
1. Was that your stomach? Yes. the answer is always yes. we have named it tummy tunes.
2. Is that actually your name? Yes.
3. Are you sure I can call you Shrek? Isn't that the name of a green monster? Yes. Please. Call me Shrek.
4. Are you married? No
5. Do you have a boyfriend? No
6. Why not? I don't know.
7. Aren't you scared to be out on the streets? No. God is with me.
8. Where's your hat? I forgot it (usually a lie, but easier than arguing with a babushka)
9. Why do you have such a  weird/terrible accent? I'm from America. 
10.Where are you from in America? Chicago
11. Ah, the mafia's in Chicago! Have you ever seen anyone get shot? Nope
12. How long have you been studying Russian? Almost a year (weird!!!!!!)
13. How did you get so good? God helps me.
14. What do you like to cook? Macaroni, lots of macaroni. (that means pasta in general)

 i love you and miss you all and hope you have an awesome spring break without me! get an awesome tan in my honor! love you!!!!
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