Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zone Conference, Transfers, Temple!

wow crazy week. we had a zone conference with president bennet which was so good. basically they told us that our mission is the most watched mission in the whole world right now and that not only did God call us to be here right now but we CHOSE to be here and for this to happen to us. although it has been crazy to try and combine two completely different mission cultures and all live 4 or 6 to an apartment, we know that this is God's will for us right now and that this is a huge opportunity to make a big difference in the kiev mission right now. the meeting was literally exactly what i needed to hear. i was maybe a little holding back before, not sure if it was worth it to put my heart into kiev if there is a chance that we will just be pulled out in a few weeks. but now i know that God wants me to be here and my heart and my mind will be completely here and nowhere else. 

one of my most favorite things about missionary work is teaching a lesson and having the person say that it was exactly the thing they needed to hear. we had that experience this week when we taught the primary president. when we were planning the night before we weren't sure what we should teach her, but i remembered president lochhead's biggest thing was that when you don't know what to do, you always bring up the temple and family history. so we talked to her about family history, and she told us that she new it was inspired of God that we chose to teach her about that because she had just decided that day that she wanted to do her own family history work but she was intimidated and didn't know where to start. she has been a member for 7 years and is super active and goes to the temple every week, but she has never done her own family history work. we read with her a talk from elder scott about what great blessings we receive when we do temple work for our own relatives. it was so cool to know that we were blessed to teach her exactly what she needed to hear that day. 

oh also this week was transfers!!! it was definitely the least complicated transfer ever. sister dryden and sister nash literally just switched beds haha. so my new companion is sister dryden and she is awesome. she is from virginia but grew up in korea and malaysia....so she's pretty legit. she has been out for almost a year and her russian is crazy good. she is teaching me! it's awesome. we already get along great and i love her. it's also awesome that sister nash is still in our apartment so i get to see her all the time. 

oh this week we found out that we can go to the temple!!!!!!!! i am SO excited!!!! well we have to call and ask president klebingat for permission which is kinda scary but worth it. so our mission president is like pretty legit. he is a member of the first quorum of the seventy (don't worry his mission was supposed to be over in july and he will be released then and they already have called his replacement mom, no president lochhead is not coming), and he is fluent in english, german, and russian, so no big deal. he also says schrecengost the exact same way we do, so no worries we haven't been saying it wrong this whole time. 

okay i am sorry i have no time, there are a billion missionaries and like 4 working computers so i gotta go!!! but yes, 12:30 is perfect for skype! see you sunday!!!! love you!!!
Dnepr River

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